Wednesday, April 7, 2010

20 Facts That Foreigners Misunderstand about Thais and Thailand

The first thing is i'm Thai. I just read some topics on about something foreigners misunderstand about Thais and Thailand. I just want to make summary and plus my opinions. Nothing seriously just enjoy it haha.

  1. Thailand is not Taiwan.
  2. Prostitutes are illegal. Yes it true. Don't you believe?
  3. At this time 2010, No one ride an elephant to go to school/work.
  4. We have cars and roads.
  5. We have TV. and do i have to tell you we also have computer haha :D
  6. We have 7-11, McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger king, etc.
  7. No one wear headdress or Thai crown in general daily life.
  8. The main food in Thailand is rice not bugs or dogs.
  9. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand.
  10. You can not rent horse and travel around the city.
  11. You can not take Tuk-Tuk from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
  12. We do have airplanes and airports.
  13. The main language we speak is Thai. Not all of Thai people can speak English.
  14. The name of places sometime it's not pronounce as it has written.
  15. We drive in the left lane.
  16. Not all of Thai women can do ping pong show. Yuck! pass me the sick bag!
  17. Not all beautiful women are lady boy.
  18. We do not have snow here.
  19. We use spoon and fork for eating not hands or chopsticks. but we use chopsticks for noodles ho yeah sometime rice. every rule has the the exception. don't be serious. haha.
  20. Thai smile not only mean they are happy but sometime it can mean they are confused, embarrassed, etc. We quite shy then we keep our real feeling inside. We don't like confrontation so we just always smile but inside FUUUUUCCCCKK YOUUUUUU!! no i'm kidding :X.
That's all for today. bye.


  1. คนไทยหรอครับ

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  3. This is very funny, but in fact it is) Two months ago I was in Thailand and there just as described in this post! Yes, there you can not rent a horse and travel around the city, but you can rent a scooter, as I did. In Chiang, May, I found Cat Motors company . In which I rented a scooter and drove around the city throughout my vacation.


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