Tuesday, September 2, 2014

พลังบวก - Positive Power

Last weekend I went to Phuket.

My missions was breath Phuket air, learn to surf, drink 2 cups of coffee and see how my friend, Mu, live.

Yes I did all that.

It was fun learn how to surf. Mu and I took 1 hour class at Kamala beach. My teacher,Ja , he is great. I had a lot of fun. The first day went very well. Then I got pain all over my body.

The next day I took another 1 hour class. Mu didn't. The second day was more advance. Ja took me to the spot that had bigger waves. I can stand on the board. It went well because I am smart, haha.

I was very thankful that I could went to Phuket.

Yesterday was Monday,the first working day, I was greeted by cleaner. On the evening I went to the new coffee place to by some coffee beans. On the way I was greeted by condo security guard. He told me to look at a beautiful chandelier at a new condo. It was beautiful. The coffee place was awesome.

Today I got Thai massage. My body is very sore. I feel better.

I came back to my room. I'm dying my hair now. I'm blogging while waiting color to develop.

Lately I feel more positive. I love myself more and more.

I am thankful that I have money to spend on these wonderful experiences. Yay!

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