Thursday, September 5, 2013

A cup of coffee

I drank coffee today. I felt fresh and had mood to do some productive things.

Lately I stopped drinking coffee because I didn't want me addicted to it.

Few days ago I had no mood to work. I didn't want to draw pictures. But I still found something to do like reading.

I thought so much about my life. I slept so much and had a lot of dreams.

Maybe I will try to drink coffee again. Maybe good ideas come over a cup of coffee.

I have 2 cans of beer in my room but I haven't drink it yet. I don't want to have an headache in the next moring. And alcohol make me depressed sometimes in the next morning.

Actually I prefer wine (haha). Beer make me fat.

I think about buy a bottle of wine to drink, but it is kind of expensive.

Recently, I have negative thinking about money. I have no money. I have no good income.

I know, I will have to change my mind to positive.

I have to happy with the things I have.

I have to make decisions. Decision is progression.

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