Sunday, October 4, 2015

Drawing on Sunday

Some with detail some without.
I woke up about 9. I went to Makro to buy 3 packs of frozen strawberry and few coffee shop stuff. I bought 1 box of dome lid that has 20 row and each row has 50 lids.

When I got to my shop I made iced cocoa with a pinch of salt. I just wanted to try. It was good I can feel the salty taste but it was ok. I feel wired because I know it has salt in the cocoa. Usually I will not put any salt in it.

In the afternoon I went to TCDC. I sat there all afternoon to draw vector to my stockphoto. Sunday afternoon when my friends had relax time. They eat ice cream. They went shopping mall. I still draw. I think it called persistent. I will keep drawing until I success.

Yesterday I had spent great time with my friends. I went to Makro and walked pass wine section. I walked around then went to other section and come back. I was thinking I wanted to taste that wine but I didn't want to drink that much. Finally I bought it. My friend he has a coffee shop too, he told me to buy him a pack of soda water. I bought him and took it to him at 8 pm. He still made some cake at his shop. He was with one of his friend and I knew him. They drank Chang beer. My friend ask me to have a glass of beer. I said yes! and I brought my wine to share too! yay!

My writing skill is not good. My listening skill is fluent. My speaking skill is ok.
It is hard to write in English. But I want to do. I am sure I understand what I've said. I also wanted to practice to write in Thai. One day I will have my book.

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